Collection: The Silk Scarf Collection

This collection is a series of artworks, printed on to silk scarves. Inspired by an original painting and drawings of a vintage steam train.(One of Ireland's oldest steam trains that remains in a heritage museum.)

The artwork on the scarves are also influenced by the use of colour and shape of the great artist's of the 20th Century, such as Picasso, Warhol, Joan Miro, and Matisse. A combination of industrial references with a homage to the great artist's.

These scarves are not only beautiful, they are easy worn in many different ways, a great wardrobe staple. They have been specifically designed with placement of colour in mind, so that the wearer, depending on the fold or drape of the scarf, will have different colour palettes to work with.

The scarves are multi-functional, and can be worn as a head scarf, a belt/sash or an ankle sash for a contemporary look. They also can be worn as an off-the-shoulder asymmetrical top, with a vest.